April 9, 2010


This, to say that I've been thinking about you a lot lately. The last couple of weeks, especially, have left me longing to find the right mixing of words to adequately convey the last 7 months of my life and each time I see the blogger tab in my bookmarks toolbar I feel a pull to find something, anything!, to write about. Not that I lack actual subjects: the baby!, the army!, my scattered brain!- all provide a cornucopia of rambling mishmash to be click-clacked out in-between feedings and during naps and while playing and giggling at the cats. Alas, the pressure to succeed and be good at writing, all coming from nobody but myself, because from what I see, nobody is exactly who reads this, must keep me from biting the bullet and just doing it. So here, a little toe dipped in the great big internet ocean as I attempt to get back on the horse, in the saddle, giddy-up cowboy give me all your money cowgirl.

It's spring and my favorite tree is everywhere here:

Fingers crossed that now I will start writing more. No breath holding though, just crossed digits.