June 15, 2011

Laptop sleeve

I made this laptop sleeve for my new laptop yesterday.
I was amazed, first, that my old sewing skillz were still hidden deep inside me somewhere, and second, how quick this came together. If I'd had all the things I needed at once, it easily could be done in a day. Oh, and if there weren't toddlers and husbands to distract me! Not that I'm complaining, once SSG T's leave is over, I'll be scrounging for free time!

The pattern is by Sew Spoiled, though I'm pretty sure I purchased it through Pink Chalk Fabrics.

June 9, 2011

Long time comin'

Finished my niece's quilt at long long long last. I hope she likes it, because there were so many times I nearly ditched this project. I started out with some fat quarters of Tina Givens Fairy Tip-toes, and at the time, loved it. I even loved it when I got each set of blocks pieced together. But then, oh then, I made some terrible choices with border colors and what not, but given that I have to order my fabric online, I had to make do with what I chose. And boy, is that a lot of pink. And not soft, baby, easy on the eyes pink, no, this is screaming in your face pink.

But, it's done. Hallelujah!

the front

the back

I'm glad I finished it, it is going to a special girl who could certainly use a special present, just for her. My niece recently broke her arm, had to have surgery to repair it, and then got pneumonia, like, the very next day! Poor girl. I just hope she can survive all that pink. Hmm, or maybe I should be more worried about how her parents handle it?