November 10, 2011

Giveaway at Green Fairy Quilts!

Have you visited Green Fairy Quilts? What a great selection of precuts, and awesome sale prices all the time! Some of my favorites:

Etchings Wovens - YUM!
And also, Little Apples, can't believe I haven't gotten this yet!

And one of the coolest things about this shop? You can pre-order fabric that wont be coming out until April. By then, you'll have forgotten you even spent the money so it'll be like a free fabric surprise when the mailman comes! Definitely can't argue with that kind of logic!

Today Green Fairy Quilts is having a great giveaway on their blog - maybe Judi should go on quilting retreats more often if this is the kind of shop running Clint does, eh? Go check it out!