August 4, 2009


Sorry for the lack of content here these days, I have no excuses; however, it has brought me to the conclusion that I'm pretty boring. Either that or I'm just in a serious "nothing creative is coming to mind" funk because all my spunkiness/humor/interestingness is (hopefully) being funneled into this little gal I'm growing. Maybe it'll come back to me once we are allowed to function as separate beings - fingers crossed.

In the mean time, I'm 35 weeks and 2 days along. A more exciting (to me) way to put it is I have about 5 weeks left until I am officially due. I'm not holding my breath, but early babies run in my family: I was born 5 weeks early, sister was born 3 weeks early, brother 1.5 weeks early; my sisters kids also came early: 3 weeks and 10 weeks. So, you know, any day kiddo. Also, was that totally inappropriate punctuation in that sentence? Whatever, I'm pregnant.


I recently made the comment that if Rocky Road ice cream were combined with Tin Roof Sundae it would be the perfect ice cream - chocolate, marshmallows, and the awesome chocolate covered almonds (from Tin Roof). And than, to my incredible delight, I was informed that Breyer's does, indeed, make their Rocky Road with chocolate covered almonds. Needless to say, I now have a huge crush on Breyer, whomever this person may be.

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Carrie said...

You look really great! I hope you are staying cool in the heat. I'll be crossing my fingers for an early baby for you...

My first was 3.5 weeks early and I was thrilled to miss being preggers for the rest of July and some of August! My favorite ice cream is B&J's Half Baked! Chocolate & vanilla ice creams with fudge brownies & gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough... to die for!