July 27, 2009


Facebook is funny, would you agree? Right now we are experiencing the hottest weather of the season and, naturally, Facebook is filled with comments about it. What compels us to do this when we know everybody else is experiencing pretty much the same misery? Well, there are some exceptions, to be sure, those that carry the extra misery above and beyond it just being crappy hot. I'm not complaining, I just think Facebook gets kinda silly sometimes. And I'm no different from anybody else, so don't go accusing me of being all judgmental or hypocritical, oh no! Me? I'm confused by the fact that nobody in my house but me wants ice cream tonight and Dad says he doesn't because it's TOO HOT OUT. Well, and he doesn't want to be an enabler (aww, thanks, Dad!). And to be honest, it is pretty hot. Hot enough that I couldn't drive myself to the ice cream store and then home because I'd have to be continuously maintaining the ice cream that would be dripping over the edge of the cup. What a mess. So I'm going to go hit up mom for a ride to the store because I don't think it's too hot, no sir.

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Lisa and Josh said...

Oh boy- heat wave in Oregon! It's hotter there than here! That's why you eat the ice cream in the store or at the place- don't try to bring it home! But if it's too hot to go outside..that could be a problem.