July 25, 2009

Interpret this!

Do you know anything about dream interpretation? I had an odd one this morning - odd enough to keep me awake for the rest of the day instead of going back to sleep for a couple more hours, anyways.

I was a black woman (I'm white), married to a black man (SGT T also happens to be white), and we lived in a racist house. No, there weren't other people living in the house with us that were racist, the actual house (do houses have spirits?) was racist. One evening we were trying to leave and the house decided we couldn't and it grabbed me from the front yard and threw me inside the house through a closed window while keeping my husband pinned to a couch in the front yard.

The end. What the hell?

1 comment:

Lisa and Josh said...

freaky! we should be compiling a book of all the crazy dreams you/we have while pregnant. that's a strange one.