July 2, 2009

Time keeps on tickin'

From a lack of nothing better to do, and a lack of desire for those things I must do, I was sitting here admiring Google Calendar and how pretty and colorful it is when you create a different calendar for each aspect of your life. For example, olive green = things I need to do, bright pink = pregnant stuff like doctor appointments, purple = special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, dark khaki green = army stuff, and turquoise = holidays. This month, July, is so far the most colorful month I've had in several, probably since SGT T left and I was keeping track of all the moving/storage/appointments that would follow his departure. This month's rainbow, however, set my heart to pounding as I realized how short time really is. I know I touched on the things I've got coming up or whatever, but really, holy shit is time going to fly. There is so much olive green this month as I make notes to remember to run certain errands or pick people up from airports or attend certain baby showers of which I am the star (this one is probably in both green and pink)! And as many of you experience, it seems that late July and ALL of August are overwhelmingly full of birthdays to celebrate and remember and oh lordy all the cake!

My point, what little there may have been, is mostly just that this colorful month will pass in the blink of an exhausted eye and I'll wake up one morning and look at August looming larger than life and probably have a panic attack at what comes at the end of the month. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but seriously, in a month there will be just one month left, and that one month is really just a gathering of possible weeks given the birthing history of the women in my family. I think I'll go stock up on paper bags now.


Lisa and Josh said...

It probably will fly by! Then I'll say you were right and I was wrong :)

Scenic Pit Stops said...

That'd be impressive, if I were right! I imagine if I felt as miserable as you do it would seems like time were dragging to me too!