July 19, 2009

Too lazy to write an original post

To quote an email I sent today:

"good god do I really have to go 7 more weeks????"


Lisa and Josh said...

Seriously, how can you move around anymore!? lol

Felicia said...

FYI--My friend just had her baby SEVEN WEEKS premature this Saturday!! Beware!! (They are both doing great if you were wondering!)

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Lisa and Josh: I know, right? Pretty dang round! SGT T saw it yesterday and said: "Oh my god our baby is going to be HUGE!" - poor guy must not have ever seen a short pregnant chick before!

Felicia: Yikes, I'm glad mom and baby are doing good though! Early babies definitely run in my family so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself but denial is way easier!

Lisa and Josh said...

You look cute and radiant though!