August 16, 2011


Well, she did it, she tied the knot! Which means I can finally show what I made for my friend and her husband! So far, it's my favorite quilt I've made (though my brain thinks I've got this great idea, even though I have no idea how to make it come into fruition, so we'll just see), and she claims to like it, so yay! She didn't, however, say how her husband felt about it, and this after I tried so hard to include enough masculine color in it to appeal to them both. But alas.

The Front, Amy Smart's Chrysalis Lattice Quilt, using Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2 instead of Chrysalis

The Back. My absolute favorite.

The pillow covers. I didn't want to ship them stuffed, so Mom got some forms and did it for me! Thanks, Mom!

And that's it! It is a very simple and straightforward quilt top, nothing fancy, but great for showcasing your favorite fabrics! I used straight line quilting, about a quarter inch on either side of the seams. I added the strip of purple at the top to make it big enough to fit a queen bed, in case my friend decides to use it that way. It isn't necessarily meant for such, but I wanted her to have the option. I just wish I could have been there to give it to her in person!

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