August 5, 2011

A finished project

I made some cute little storage baskets for lilSGT's toys. The pattern/tutorial is in the sidebar at Making it Fun, one of my favorite new places for amazing tutorials. Seriously, check out the list on that page of tutorials - I couldn't even tell you how many of those I've downloaded already, but it's a LOT.

Fabric is Dan Stiles Marine for Birch.

On a side note, does anybody know why my pictures are so small now? Before I lost my way from here, pictures were fine, but now they are so small and I don't know how to fix it! So, help! Thanks!

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Rachel Hauser said...

Cute little baskets! On the picture size, when you're in blogger writing your post, click on the pictures and see if you can select the size at the bottom (small, medium large, xlarge). Good luck!