April 24, 2009

Coming soon, to a town near you

Still no word from SGT T which means no baby news for you. So sorry! This is definitely the longest we've gone without talking since he's been deployed, if not ever, so it's kind of a drag. Especially since I only know so much about what has been happening at his FOB this week (read: I know NOTHING) and because I have such exciting news to share with him and I can't believe I have to hold it in this long! Alas, it is only fair, wouldn't you say? See, I can keep "secrets". Ha!

Moving on. Today I head up to Portland to stay the night because I've got a butt ass early flight tomorrow to go to NC. Why am I going to NC, you ask? Finally, FINALLY I'm getting a car! Any car. MY car! After spending the last couple of months looking and judging and researching what you can get for under $2000 that you would be willing to drive your newborn kid around in, the decision was reached that it is more affordable for me to just go back to NC and get my car from storage. I know the car, I know what is wrong with it and I trust it to get us around safely. Plus, that way we'll only have one car to try to sell next year when SGT T gets home and we move to Germany.

Gasp! Did she just say MOVE TO GERMANY?! Why yes, yes I did. A couple of weeks ago SGT T signed his reenlistment papers for four more years (yuck) with choice of duty station: Germany (hooray!). Oh well, will you look at that, another secret I've kept. (Excuse me, I appear to be feeling a little bitter today, deep breath, deep breath, OK, again, moving on). So how awesome is that? Very, very awesome.

So, anyways, la la la, I'm going to NC tomorrow with my mom where we'll get my car out of storage then drive across the country. We're going to take the "southern" route, going through Atlanta, Memphis, Little Rock, Amarillo, Albuquerque. We're hoping to stop for a little extra time in Albuquerque or maybe Santa Fe, and then we'll go up to Utah. Mom will fly home from SLC and I'll get to chill with old Utah friends, including the ever-expanding Lisa (and Josh, though he's losing body parts, not gaining them) of Snow Piddle fame. Lisa, whom I am lucky enough to get to share this experience with, simultaneously, as she is due just two days before me. So, looking forward to the drive and getting my own car back, as well as seeing friends again! I'll hopefully be able to update as I'm taking the dinosaur, er, I mean laptop, with me and internet is almost always a given these days. But no promises!

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Lisa and Josh said...

Can't wait to see you again! yay!