April 1, 2009

Big news in evil town

Last August or September, I went off the pill. The only person that knew was SGT T, and contrary to what you all believe about me, I was able to keep that secret from everybody (mwa ha ha ha). I did end up telling one friend who was going through her own struggles with fertilization, but I sort of knew I'd be telling her anyways. We weren't really trying to get pregnant, I wasn't using any ovulation kit test and then jumping on SGT T the second it said I was ovulating, but we kinda thought if it happens, great, if not, no sweat. Besides, we're getting OLD, and the pressure from my gramma was just too much. Just kidding, gramma, I could have ignored your pressure if it weren't for the age factor! I did mark on my calendar when we had sex and when my potential ovulation window was, and I'll tell you, until December, there was no chance I was getting knocked up!

I think I had been relying on discernible results from the test for Christmas morning, but instead my parents probably got nothing from us (because I'm all kinds of awesome in the gift giving department). A couple of days after Christmas I started feeling kinda crampy and crabby and PMSy in general, and if you know much about the timing of pregnancy and stuff, your period pretty much is due about when you may start showing early signs of pregnancy such as crampy and crabbiness, which, surprise! That's what your period is like! I bought a couple of tests when we were back in NC, with the intention of waiting until the following morning to take one because the instructions say best results are your first pee, but duh, I just couldn't wait. And boy the speed with which that stick yelled at me that I was pregnant was insane! I called to SGT T to come in the bathroom and check something out (with more than a little bit of panic in my voice), turns out he thought it was a spider or some nasty NC bug I wanted to show him. Needless to say, it was a wee bit scarier than a bug!

That was New Years Eve, 2008. The timing was great! I texted my friend who had found out she was pregnant the day before and told her my "HOLY SHIT" news and she told me to take the second test right then. So I did. It was all "Duh, dude, you are so freakin' pregnant". Then I called my parents and asked if they had gotten Skype on Dad's fancy new laptop yet and asked them to get it downloaded because I wanted to video chat with them later. After a lot of confusion and hullabaloo they got it figured out and we got settled on the webcams, and I told them I was emailing them something that I wanted them to open together, "It's your late Christmas present" I told them. SGT T and I waited patiently while they opened it and this is what they saw:

It was beyond priceless to see their reactions. I'm pretty sure that because of our back and forth about wanting kids for the past two years, and with the impending deployment, they had figured it wasn't in our immediate future and so it was just not on their minds as something to be thinking of, so the shock of it, especially for Mom, was pretty big. Oh ho ho, boy it makes me laugh when I think of her face! My sister was a fun one, too. I texted her and was all "Whatcha doing?" (you know, cause it was New Years and all), and she was all "Nothin' much, how bout you?" and I said "Not much, just told Mom and Dad that I'm pregnant". And really, I'm surprised how long it took for her to call me, it had to be at least two minutes before my phone rang. And that, my friends, is how my parents found out I'm pregnant. Thank goodness I am too far along to tell them today, on April Fool's Day, because man that would confuse the hell out of them, but oh the fun I would have had!

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Lisa and Josh said...

That is a cool way to tell your parents. Too bad you didn't get a picture of them right as they opened the email. Classic! It's pretty cool we got fertilized around the same time. Loving it!