June 10, 2009

Coherency and conciseness are for losers

What? Oh, hi there! Gosh, I guess it's been a while, eh? Just because I don't call or write doesn't mean I don't think about you, it mostly just means I'm lazy and/or don't have anything to say. Well, that's not true, I have plenty to say, I just happen to have the ability to (sometimes) figure out whether it is something anybody really wants to hear/read. Like I said, sometimes. I probably wouldn't have much of a blog if my filter worked perfectly.

I know I've been slacking on the belly pictures and the sad thing is that they aren't even sitting on my computer waiting for the inspiration to post them. They are pictures yet to happen. It's even worse because my next belly shot needs to be used for my Father's Day gift for SGT T. That could explain the procrastination: there is an actual need for the picture.

Baby T, or Chili if you will, is doing well. Monday I reached 27 weeks which is the last week of the second trimester. The only reason I know that is because I googled it, I'm still completely lost as to the whole weeks/months time issue with pregnancy. I can do weeks but don't ask me to talk to you in terms of months, it's just not going to happen and I will leave you feeling confused and disheartened, which is not a way I like to feel but a way I feel frequently.

I did the gestational diabetes screening test on Monday which wasn't nearly as bad as I read. The "soda" drink was, to me (an avid sugary drink drinker), fine and tasty and didn't make me sick or anything like it does for some people. I attribute that to years of soda tolerance build up - I'm a pro. Results: negative on the diabetes issue; positive on iron deficiency anemia. Lucky me, I get to take the iron pills. Do you know what extra iron does to you, especially "you" as an already digestionally challenged pregnant chick? Pretty much seals your fate as a miserable, bloated, plugged up grump. We'll see, today was the first day. I was told to try a certain herbal supplement instead of regular iron pills, but as they are more than twice the cost of the iron pills, I'll wait and see how this goes.

I've been feeling pretty great, overall. I sometimes get sharp pains in my belly, not really sure what they are from. Maybe just tweaks in the muscles from my lame attempts at exercise. Chili is moving around lots which is pretty special and exciting. On an aside: I'm pretty sure you should just get used to calling her Chili because as far as the blog is concerned, that's what we're naming her. Just like SGT T is SGT T, and not John or Steve. Privacy for privacy's sake, even though SGT T could probably care less if I used his real name. Chili, however, can't tell me which she would prefer so Chili it is, poor girl. Anyway, feeling pretty good, but I'm pretty sure I'm in denial about how far my body can be pushed. I think I've been over doing it lately and it leaves me feeling kinda crappy and not great, so I'm in negotiations with my body, trying to find a compromise we can both live with.

And that's about it. Like I said, not much worth writing, but now you know. Oh, I am experiencing some emotional moments randomly. For instance, Monday at the lab to get blood drawn I heard a baby crying somewhere (not just crying, it was that "oh god I'm dying and you are just sitting there letting me" scream/cry) and I nearly lost it and bawled right there. Luckily my "cold hearted bitch" mode isn't completely dead and I was able to drag it into the on position with just some leaky eyes for a moment. Close call. Today, however, SGT T and I had an excellent IM conversation where we made decisions regarding Chili that were really special and incredible decisions to be making and, being at home in the privacy of my bedroom without a waiting room full of spectators, I let the tears fall freely. There were lots of them, I was a big mushy cry baby. But it was awesome, nonetheless.

I hope to update soon with pictures and stuff. Maybe I'll make something in the kitchen and post pictures. It's been a while since I've done that, eh? It's been about 3 days since I've had any cake, so it's probably about time.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm....cake sounds good! I just made brownies.

Lisa and Josh said...

Random moments of emotionality are fun!!!!!!!!!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

kbdrgnfly: I *heart* cake. Like, a lot. I can't wait for my birthday, I love cake so much. In fact, I hope somebody else invites me to their birthday party so I can have cake before then because I'm probably not into baking another one any time soon. Depends how desperate I get, I guess.

Lisa and Josh: Why yes, if by "fun" you mean really shitty and lame and guilt-laden and overwhelming, they are! Are you with me here? Yeah, I thought so. :)