June 14, 2009

Moving right along

Like I said to a friend the other day, it's like I went to bed one night in late February/early March and woke up with the middle of June hurtling past me. And, like most moms-to-be that I read, I've accomplished about zero of the things on my "must do before baby arrives" list. Well, with the exception of buying a couple (ok, fine, several) really cute outfits for the baby, but how "necessary" is that? It's not. At all. My voice hasn't reached the ultra high pitched panic level yet, but it is certainly a few octaves above normal at this point!

27w6d (yep, tomorrow = 3rd trimester! Yay!)


Mikaila said...

You look FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see you!!

Lisa and Josh said...

You seriously look glowing here! Excited for you guys!!!!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Mikaila: Thanks, that's sweet! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys too!

Lisa and Josh: As I told Freckles earlier, that glow is just because of the abundant amounts of lotion I use each day. Although, we may have used the word "Crisco" in place of "lotion" but that would just be silly and gross. It's probably just lotion. Really.