June 19, 2009

Wherein the eye rolling reaches dangerous levels

Call it my mommy hormones, call it my crazy cat lady hormones, either way these guys are just ridiculously cute.

I love the way Cricket is resting on her elbows in this picture (if you can see that).
You may not let us out there but that wont stop us from stalking every single window/door that is open!
Is it wrong that I'll probably use an image of my cats as my "happy place focus picture" during labor? (Careful! See, I told you the eye rolling could get dangerous up in here)


Mikaila said...

Well hello! With ADORABLE cats like that...! I love how they look like they're hugging. :)

Katherine said...

My cats are always my inspiration and bring great relaxing happy thoughts!!! No eye rolling here:)

Lisa and Josh said...

My picture might be of the dog so it's all fair game. Love that animals love us so much! Melts my hard grinch heart.

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Mikaila: I know, right? Sometimes I am overwhelmed with their adorableness!

Katherine: Thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only pet weirdo out there! ;)

Lisa and Josh: Whew, that is awesome! You're right, it does melt the grinchness a little, doesn't it? That's a happy thought, if ever I heard one!