August 24, 2011

For myself

I wanted to make some sort of cute basket or something to store my pearl cottons in, and I had a bunch of Loulouthi scraps leftover from this, so I sewed them up and made another basket. Unfortunately, it didn't quite turn out how I imagined, and I may not use it for what I originally wanted, but I still think it turned out cute!

See, a little deep for a cute way to store and also display those yummy colors, but it'll work for now!


Carrie said...

That's awesome! I'm going to have to find something like that to store my knitting in. It's currently taking over my office! You've got mad sewing skills!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Thanks! From what I saw of your knitting, you're pretty talented yourself, so I bet you could make something pretty easily!

Amy Prior said...

very pretty and useful :)