May 17, 2009

Almost perfect

Sunday's are great, aren't they? Even though I don't have a job and every day tends to be the same as the day before, something about Sunday conjures up the need to sleep in, stay in my pj's until noon, and just spend the day lounging around doing nothing important or necessary. This morning was one of those days - for some lucky reason when I semi-jokingly said "Who wants to go down to Starbucks and get me coffee?", my dad practically ran out the door to get it for me! Apparently he had to go to the grocery store next door anyways, but still, I felt pleasantly surprised and delightfully guilty-free (for the most part)!

I waited for the coffee before diving into the paper and checking out the ads. It was awesome and just felt right. It felt how Sunday morning should feel. After the paper and some We TV (about cakes, otherwise, down with We! but cakes, who can change the channel when we are dealing with life or death cake creations? certainly not I) I showered and headed to the next town over for some clearance rack shopping. And boy, I was met with some serious success. Such success that I may have spoiled my trip to the BIG city tomorrow. Enough success that I feel just a tiny guilty but not guilty enough to return a single item. Nope. SGT T and I are going to have the cutest dressed little girl, and I tell you, so far the first year of her life is costing on average around $3.00 per outfit. The guilt comes from the fact that I bought myself some stuff too, but even that was averaging around $7.00 per item! Sweet deals, I tell you!

Top the evening off with a BBQ and a friend stopping by, and who could ask for a better Sunday?! Oh, you're right, some mint chocolate chip would make it perfect, wouldn't it? Dang, so close!


Freckles said...

Mint chocolate chip would have made it perfect. What is up with no ice cream? There is always ice cream at your parents house.

Lisa and Josh said...

Don't return anything! If he ever asks just say it was a gift!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Freckles: Weird, right? The reason there was no ice cream goes by the name munchies, also known as "Little Brother". :)

Lisa and Josh: No returns, no worries. The girl has got to be clothed.