May 23, 2009

Mama wanted cake

. . . and will use any excuse she can to get it.

I was craving cake today and was wracking my poor, sugar deprived brain for a reason to go ahead and make one. That is when I realized that my cats are a year old this month, and what cat doesn't want to celebrate turning 1 with a cake? Especially one that is home made and really ugly?!

No cat, that's who!

Recipe for cake and frosting are from the back of the Pillsbury Cake Flour box. Cake is just a regular white cake I think, with raspberry jam. Frosting is "supposed" to be Buttercream frosting.

Lesson learned: Don't use fake butter for frosting. It melts at a much lower temperature and you wont be able to spread the frosting on your cake without climbing into your freezer. As fun as this sounds, it is not. Do you see how on the right side of the cake there is what looks like elephantitis of the cake? That's the melting frosting issue. Not pretty.

I'll try again next month when we celebrate "Left Korea 1 year ago" day!

Do you feel sorry for my unborn children yet? I do!


Lisa and Josh said...

Question... do you eat the whole cake? If not, then no shame! Unless it's at the same time as gallon-in-a-weekend. Even so, who cares! PS how do you get around cleaning cat poo when you're pregnant?

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Nope, I finally had to toss the rest of the cake because I kept eating so much. That's no joke of a cake - 3 layers, cut into 6!! The problem wasn't that I would have a piece here or there, it was that I just added that slice of cake to whatever crap I already eat!

Cat poo gets cleaned up by Mom most of the time. Occasionally I do it because I get impatient but I wear rubber gloves on those times.