May 13, 2009

Aren't I too young for bunions?

I had a realization today.

Monday, the 11th, marked one year of not smoking for me.

I just gave myself the best pat on the back eva' because, obviously, I totally rock like that.

There are times where I miss it. Excruciatingly so. Even with baby on board. For example, the other day I stopped and got coffee on the way home from the gym and as I turned onto my street, I saw a couple of people sitting on the curb in the shade of their car lighting up. The urge was SO strong it made me sad. Most of the time though, I don't even think about it, which is a huge relief. The challenge will be when SGT T gets home. He's not going to like all the new smoking rules that will have to be implemented with Baby T around! He'll probably think it is me being sneaky and trying to make him quit. I would never be sneaky! Nope, never.

Anyways, I did it, and it's been a year and I am happy about it! The main reason I did it is because I really, really, wanted to be a jogger. That hasn't panned out too well, but not due to poor oxygen processing in my damaged lungs. If I'm able to get surgery relatively soon after the baby comes then I could possibly be jogging once again in a year or so, depending on recovery from having my feet worked on. Gross feet, anyways.

Have a great weekend!


Lisa and Josh said...

See, I knew it would make you more fertile! What if you hadn't stopped before getting prego? Would that have sucked more to stop cold turkey?

Scenic Pit Stops said...

I thought quitting smoking was supposed to make my hair stop falling out? Along with going off the pill. Nope. After all these happy baby hormones clear out I'm going to lose more hair than ever!