July 4, 2011


Happy Fourth of July! Lots of people have asked if there are any festivities here, and yes, of course there are! There are so many American military installations in Europe, and well, we definitely need to be able to have the opportunity to celebrate our country while living abroad, so there are lots of things going on. However, we're not doing anything! With a youngster who wont make it late enough for fireworks, and with a constant drizzle forecasted for the day, there just isn't quite enough motivation to get out for it. No problem, more time to work on one of the gazillion projects I've got going on right now!

And boy, I am seriously loving the projects I'm working on! Unfortunately, I can't share pictures yet on the off chance that the future recipients of these gifts actually stumbled across this here blog! And unfortunately, they wont be gifted until August! Hopefully I'll finish them soon and be able to work on some public projects. I will say that Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry is a gorgeous collection to work with! I wasn't too enthused at first, but I totally love how things are coming together!

And I guess, for now, that's all. Have a great day of picnics, family and friends, and fun!

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