July 22, 2011

If you know me at all . . .

then you know I'm not a fan of worms. Or slugs. Or, really, anything that wriggles, slithers, creeps, or slimes its way around the world. Ugh, I shudder just thinking about them! Once I worked in a mailroom, sorting and delivering mail and I came across a piece addressed to me. I was so very excited, you know how it is when you find you've got unexpected mail? Yeah. I opened it up and inside was a fake rubber worm, like the ones you use when you are fishing or something, I guess. Maybe I would have been a little suspicious if I'd noticed that everyone in the mail room had gotten very quiet and were watching me from the corner of their eyes, but no, I was caught totally unprepared. Oh those jokesters.

Then when I moved to Utah, the first time, I received a postcard from a friend with a picture of a huge ol' banana slug on it. You know, to remind me of home. I love that they all know me so well!

Anyways, this was all over a decade ago, but recently I've been reminded of these events. You see, its been raining like crazy here and you know when it rains a lot it brings out the worms, right? Back home, when it rained like this, it was nearly impossible to avoid the worms when you went out. Apparently, here, when it rains like this, along with the worms it also brings out the slugs. Oh lordy, the slugs!!

However, this sight totally makes the obstacle worthwhile!

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