December 14, 2008

I may not have anything going on in my life, but some people do!

Let's talk about my social life. Oooh, sounds fun, but what is there to talk about, you have none.

True dat, people. But listen, I've been stalking you guys fair and square and feel as though I have a vested interest in the events in your life. Sure, I've probably never delurked and commented on your webpage, even though you've bared your soul a time or two and perhaps shared your most vulnerable life experiences. And sure, you've probably never been to my page and so don't know who I am. Or even if you have, you maybe read a post or two and then shrugged your shoulders and said, "meh, ok". Thank you for loving the little people!

Anyways, my point is, wait, do I have a point? Kind of, bare with me! So many of the authors of blogs I read have had so much going on lately, life changing events, and I am so excited for them! The interweb is strange, isn't it? You read what, in some cases, amounts to the journal of a total stranger and feel like you know them. There are babies on the way (and here and here too!), there are hopefully babies on the way, there are house completions, and there are engagements! It seems like every day I refresh my google reader to find more good news out there and it just makes me so excited!

I probably shouldn't be so excited or care so much for the happiness and success in life of total strangers, people I've never talked to, but you guys, I don't care if we never ever talk, I'm just so happy for you all! So, I guess this is like one giant de-lurking comment (but uh, shamelessly on my page instead of yours) to say congratulations and good luck and thank you, thank you for sharing your stories with me!


Julia said...

That's what I love so much about blogging. It's strange how you can get to know someone who you might never meet better than people who you see every single day.

Lisa and Josh said...

I'm very privileged to be on your post here. Yay!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Julia - It's great, isn't it? I like how it constantly reminds me that there is a huge world out there beyond my little corner I become so focused on.

Lisa&Josh - You are a very special lady!

Sassy said...

Awww... Thanks! :-)