December 17, 2008

My cape is yellow and my tights are too

Last night I drank so much water before I went to bed that I got up to pee three times in the first 40 minutes I was in bed. Not counting the two times I went before I crawled under the covers. And by "so much water" I mean the last, oh, I'd say about 4 ounces left in my water bottle.

Those of you that know me know that if I have a super power, it is the power of the Super Tiny Bladder. I should know better, even if I'm a raisin and just crossed the Sahara on my hands and knees without a canteen, I should probably not drink if I'm going straight to bed. I know this and yet I do it, time and again. Not the desert crossing (with or without canteen, on my knees or feet), the water drinking.

I'm not sure what kind of good I can do the world with this kind of super power.


Lisa and Josh said...

Oh man- You must have the tiniest bladder in the world! I remember sleep overs at your house on the floor and you stepping over me a few times while we stayed up late in the night talking about crushes and important teenage stuff like that! :) Those memories make me happy in my old age- LOL

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Lisa&Josh - You have no idea! People get irritated at me on roadtrips (you know, to the grocery store) when I need to stop and pee all the time. But, hello, it's me that has to deal with it! Like I enjoy it?! Is it a sign of our old age that I can post about my frequent urges to urinate? :)