December 2, 2008

Just because I'm not in school doesn't mean my education is over

I learned that jogger's nipples are real.

I guess this is as good a time as any to out myself and what I'm trying to train my body to do. I still feel hesitant to write about it, but I can't just tease you with nipple talk and not explain, now can I?

In October I started doing Cool Running's Couch to 5K program. It is a 9 week training program designed to gradually work your body up to being able to run 5k (~3.1 miles). I found some free podcasts that Robert Ullrey put together, which are great because, if you looked at the program, there is a lot of "run for this long then walk for that long now run for this long", and I didn't trust myself to remember to watch the clock while dying, and Robert tells you when to change pace. Robert made a podcast for each week, set to music, and informs you when to run and walk, and offers just enough encouragement throughout. One thing I like about the program is that you can do it either by time or distance. I chose to do it by time, mainly because that is how the podcasts are structured, but also because how do you go around measuring all these different distances and stuff? So now I'm half way through week 7 and will be jogging 30 minutes at a time by Christmas.

I was going to wait until I finished the entire 9 weeks before I posted about it, but I received an email from a friend wondering why I wasn't posting - sometimes it is a real stretch for me to come up with bloggable material, what with my anti-social tendencies and my BFF status with two cats. I had been contemplating the nipple post ever since I realized my friction problem, but knew that once I did I would have to explain why I thought it possible that I was in possession of a pair of nipples that deserved to be talked about for an entire blog post. So, in order to satisfy the masses, and since I've got nothing else about which to write, you get my boobies! Which you can't really complain about, now can you? Except for wondering why there aren't any pictures, where are the pictures?!


Lisa and Josh said...

This is too funny! But I'm super excited to hear how this 9 week program is going. Can you really run 3 miles now? You need to start joining races and getting all those t-shirts that runners wear! I'm trying to convince Josh to do this program too. I just get to sit around some more and be whiny.

kbdrgnfly said...

Excellent sports bras are a must!!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

L&J: No, three miles is the end goal, I have two weeks left. However, I'm doing the training by time instead of distance and at this point am jogging at about a 12.5 minute mile. Some would see me and wonder why I bounce so much when I walk, but for me, it's jogging.

kbdrgnfly: You think? I have had the same sports bra since like, um, the first Bush was in office. I wonder if that is the problem. Hmmm.