December 11, 2008

Privacy, please

"Good lord, do we have to hear about you being unemployed again?"

Well, what else should I write about, please, tell me!

As you know, I'm home a lot. Like, A. LOT. Therefore, my cats have formed some serious bonds with me, and I with them. Sometimes, when I sit myself on the couch, I have a preview of the jungle gym my body will become if I have kids, thanks to the lack of personal space cats so lovingly give. One of my favorite ego-feeding quirks they have, though, is any time I close a door on them, they are waiting anxiously on the other side when I open it again. Granted, we only have the one door in the house behind which we close ourselves so it must be something of a novelty for them to not have full access to me at all times. And even that, at least for me, is only done for the more private of bathroom matters because, let's face it, who am I protecting my privacy from when I am home alone for 15 hours a day?

I do, however, close the door if I am in the bathroom for any considerable length of time because the cats love to play in the bathroom garbage, and they've also become quite adept at finagling Q-tips out of the box, and I can't keep an eye on them while I'm showering or whatever. So, after I shower I will usually open the bathroom door while finishing up my hygiene routine because the room is small and steamy and mildew is rampant and the door being open helps the extra moisture dry up faster. And more often than not, the cats are chillin' right there in the doorway.

It doesn't take long before one, or both, of them come in to see what kind of trouble and destruction they can cause. You should see the shower curtain and the delightful pattern of holes that have cropped up! Cricket will, without fail, jump onto the toilet and then up to the counter in order to better access fresh, clean Q-tips. I think after at least twice landing in the toilet, she has finally learned to check that the lid is down before leaping. Once on the counter, she'll sniff around the sink, play with the water drips, and sniff at the mirrors. However, yesterday something new and, I must say, terrible cute occurred. I guess the sink hadn't been used in a while because it was bone dry and when she got up there, she immediately curled up and relaxed for the duration of my bathroom frolicking.


ChasingChase said...

Hi I need your address for Christmas cards. Will you send me an email or write on my facebook wall? Thanks, love you!

Freckles said...

Katherine's cats love their extra bathroom sink. They also love it when you leave the water on just a little so they can have a drink. What? Those cats spoiled? NEVER.

Lisa and Josh said...

Akhila will try to come and drink my bath water if I don't block her from the bathtub while I'm in there!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

ChasingChase - I assume you got my email . . .

Freckles - My mom recently informed me that my cat back home has taken to sink drinking too. Pretty cute if you ask me.

Lisa&Josh - Gross! Animals are so weird and I wonder why I feel the need to be all modest around them, but for some reason, I do.