December 26, 2008

Christmas "Vacation"

The drama of our flight could have been worse, like some people we could still be stuck in an airport that is somewhere en route (or not!) to our destination, neither here nor there, with a sack of underwear for a pillow and a bag of toiletries for entertainment. Instead, it took us only three and a half extra hours on the airplane, one extra landing, and a three hour drive from the airport which is usually only an hour and a half. It wasn't terrible, except that on the DC to PDX leg we were in separate rows and both stuck in the middle seat and I had the worst seatmate ever . I'm trying to let it go, the seat mate memories, because SGT T is tired of hearing about it, but it's lingering and I'm trying to deal.

Once here our trip has been great. It is always wonderful to see everybody, and all of our friends have made a lot of effort to get over to see us which reminds me that just because I don't have any friends in NC doesn't mean I like not havinng friends. I'm very appreciative of the time taken from work, the extra driving they all do since they don't live in town anymore, the taxiing me around, and all the extra laughs; my friends are the best. I especially love and appreciate the fact that they are anxious to see me this week even though I'll be moving here next month where there will be plenty of time to see me (or put off seeing me!). You guys rock!

My sister wasn't able to be here for Christmas day so her family came up on Christmas Eve and we had an entire separate Christmas with them. Turkey, gravy, Mom's homemade croissants, the whole she-bang! I made the vegetable, and since I had to do the veggie for Christmas day at my aunt's house, I decided to make the same thing for both. And, because I liked the green beans I made for Thanksgiving so much, I decided to make that again, for a larger audience. They may have just been humoring me, most people know that I need some extra back-patting from time to time, but it seemed genuine.

We have to return home on Monday, a sad and depressing thought. We're planning on going up to Portland on Sunday and staying the night since our flight is so early Monday morning, hoping to get to see SGT T's mom whom I've never met before. Assuming our flight gets us home as scheduled, SGT T will have 5 or 6 more days off before he has to be back to work. We'll have to figure out how to celebrate his birthday which is Wednesday, how to celebrate the New Year, all of which will have to be done with no money spending since pay day isn't until the 1st! After the first, I think we'll have to start buying packing materials and find a storage unit. It's time for us to start packing up and getting as much in storage now, as we can. I could be a little over-eager, but I can't help it! I'm so excited!


Felicia said...

I flew home from Portland on Monday too. Don't know what time your flight was but I was there at about 5 am and the airport was a BITCH!!! PDX is always so packed! The lines moved pretty fast though, but the mobs of people were frightening.

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Felicia: We got to the airport around 5:30 am on Monday and there were WAY more people than I was expecting. Our line wasn't too bad, but our flight wasn't until 7:30, so we were super early. All the people in front of us were late for their flight and panicky and we just laughed smugly at how our analness (anality?) pays off!