January 2, 2009

What? What am I doing?!

I took down my 2008 re-cap for now, I've got to reconsider some of my answers and give it some more thought. Sort of like my resume, finding a way to word my irrelevant experience so I appear to be the ideal candidate for the job. I've got to find a way to make "spent the year unemployed, sitting on the couch watching TV and reading brain candy books, feeling my ass expand with each commercial break and turn of the page" sound desirable and as if it is exactly what I had hoped to do with my year.

We're back from Oregon and what a great trip! We got to see friends and family, and spend the holiday with them. It was the first time SGT T had been home for Christmas in a couple years; in 2006 I left him alone in Utah (Utah!) while I spent the holiday at home with family (long story, but he swears he was OK with it), and in 2007 we were both in Korea (I'd say moving across the world makes up for the Utah incident, wouldn't you?). I think we were both especially happy to be able to be home and surrounded by people that care about us. Especially with him leaving at the end of the month and missing next Christmas.

We were able to spend the night before our flight in Portland and see SGT T's mom - I finally met my mother-in-law! SGT T and I have known each other for 8 or so years, been together for three and a half of those, and I had never met his mom. It's about time!

We made it home, the return flight nowhere near as miserable as the flight out. No terrible seatmate, we got to sit next to each other, and no miserable delays. We rang in the New Year with our usual tendency towards rowdy craziness: sitting on the couch watching TV. Except we threw in a twist this year, instead of suffering through Ryan Seacrest and his boyband looks and annoyingly stylish suits, we spent it with my boyfriend on CNN, Anderson. Definitely a good decision, last year in Korea we watched Ryan and Dick and it was a sad, painful affair, the likes of which I hope to never repeat. My favorite part was when Kathy Griffin punched Anderson Cooper in the stomach and he giggled. Oh ho, it makes me chuckle just remembering it.

January will be a pretty hectic month for us, I hope you'll be patient. Not that you have ever been a demanding crowd; there has never been a mob with pitchforks and other painful farm tools the likes of which I hope to never see outside of a corn field outside my door requesting me to blog for them, but when I do write, you might get tired of me rambling about SGT T leaving and all the stress of packing and figuring out the logistics of moving and stuff. I thought I had it all figured out: after he leaves, rent a truck, load it up, unload it at a storage unit, and drive with the cats across the country. Easy enough, no? Now it turns out SGT T doesn't want me to drive, wants me to leave the car here in storage and fly, then buy a car once I get home. Which, on the one hand, yay! a new car! But on the other hand, no, not a new car, a used car that will last the year until we find out where he'll be going when he gets back. He said I could buy a new new car if I wanted, but part of the goal for this deployment is the getting rid of debt and the creating of a real savings. So, my dad was all, oh there is an '88 Ford Escort Wagon for $700 here! Ugh! We'll see. If things are that bad then I may just bite the bullet and get a cool new car. What a snob!

OK, so hey, Happy New Year! I have no idea what is happening yet except that at the end of the month I'm supposed to move back across the country, with two cats, and with or without a car. Sounds fun, care to join me?


Freckles said...

If I wasn't going to be in Phoenix, I would totally come help you!

Lisa and Josh said...

Oh a new car is tempting... but getting rid of debt would feel so much more relaxing! You will need all the relaxing possible this year. Last year was just the warm up!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Freckles: Phoenix, shmoenix! Are you saying that your career is more important to you than me?! Of course, I don't blame you, if I had the option of some sunshine to get me out of helping somebody move, I think I'd use it!

Lisa and Josh: Isn't it tempting? So much more appealing than a twenty year old ford station wagon!

Sassy said...

Just drive the car. You'll be fine! :-)
Or make a friend drive with you and buy them a one way plane ticket for their trouble. Road trip with girlfriend? nice.