January 29, 2009

United States of wha?

So, SGT T left on Monday. I came home from the farewell thing and proceeded to invite 80 gazillion people I only kind of knew in high school to be my friends on facebook. Only later did I see the connection, but whatever. Most people accepted and it looks like I'm not the only one that is a friend whore, so who cares. Besides, I'm hoping that most everybody is past all the cliques and social stigmas we had back then. In any case, I've spent entirely too much time on facebook this week and now that my mom is on her way here, I feel hopeful that I'll be distracted a bit more. Besides, it's not like I don't have a shit ton of stuff to do, and she'll keep me on track.

I go pick up my mom tonight, she gets in around 8 so we wont get back to my place until around 10. But, since I'm living on insomnia-time and she's on west coast time, we'll probably be able to catch some Thursday TV with the DVR. I'm going to miss my DVR. I'll have to go back to internet TV to catch all the shows I miss and just can't live without. Sigh.

SGT T called yesterday. They are in some country somewhere, I wont write what he said because as far as I can tell, it's not a real country and I don't want to either a) embarrass him, or b) give away top secret US super stealthy countries hidden in the middle of nowhere. He did, however, get to have a layover in Germany which I pointed out to him meant that he finally got to visit one of our 'must see' destinations before me. Granted, just an airport, but it still made him happy. They will be in their top secret made-up country for an undetermined number of days before loading up and heading off to their final destination where he will be trapped for the next 13 months with nothing but a two week mid-tour leave to look forward to. I guess when you're in prison two weeks is a long time, right?


Michelle said...

Hey... I turned into a FB friend whore this week too, accepting, and even inviting, friends who seem a little far-reaching.... I changed my tune about it, I used to really only want my friends. Now I'm just curious what all those folks are up to. It might also have something to do with the fact that my husband mentioned earlier in the week that he thought he was approaching 100 friends. I looked down and saw I only had 89. Invite. Invite. Invite. :) Shameless. Oh well. He now has 101, and I'm at 92. I need a more competitive outlet. :)

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Wow, 89 friends, that's better than me! When I started this week, I had I think around 30, now I'm at 73. So, in the world of competitive friend making on FB, you may not be beating your husband but you are beating me, so it's gotta count for something. Especially since I have no job and have the ability to spend hours and hours searching out distant connections!