January 7, 2009

Dip it

Something I've come to realize, and welcome with open arms, about myself is that I'm a condiments kinda gal. A favorite restaurant, favorite meal, more often than not is chosen because of the dipping sauce or salad dressing or hot sauce offered. Some examples: ranging from the ridiculously obvious (I like french fries so I can have ketchup and ranch) to the fattening but irresistible (Texas eggrolls from Roadhouse so I can have some of that yummy spicy jelly) to the addictive (burritos from Andale's so I can drown in their hot sauce). Basically, the more crap I can dip, dunk, or drown my meal in, the better.

Tonight I made fried chicken just so I could have mashed potatoes and gravy. After the whole frying process I was pretty disgusted with the bird but man oh boy the gravy and potatoes were fantastic! Instead of using the frozen broccoli that is in the freezer, I was lucky enough to have some fresh zucchini and squash in the fridge that I had bought for some pasta which I ended up making differently. Usually I saute these guys up in some butter and garlic and throw them in some pasta, and I've also made rosemary zucchini before where you wrap up the zucchini in foil with some oil and rosemary (duh) and throw it in the oven for a bit, but I was kind of at a loss tonight as to how to prepare them. And just then, as I stood paralyzed with indecision in the middle of the kitchen, Freckles called and saved the day.

I told her that if her help panned out that I would give her a special mention here, and so, Freckles, consider yourself specially mentioned.

Even though I overcooked it and they turned out soggy, and even though I told her that I would blame her if that happened and not give her any special mention, I'm still doing so. That is just the kind of friend I am. So, other than the extreme sogginess, the whole "slice the squash throw it in a pan with some butter and cover with breadcrumbs and Parmesan" idea was tasty and successful and I thank her by pointing out, once again, that I'm giving her special mention here. On my blog. Which means she are totally going to be famous because I'm like the most popular blogger out there. No, really, I am. I just like to keep it real by writing really boring stories about making dinner and how small my bladder is. You know how it is.


Felicia said...

The only things in my fridge are condiments. I love them too!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Felicia: Me too. Ketchup and beverages. Because SGT T is THE thirstiest person I have ever known.

Freckles said...

I feel the love! Thanks for giving a holler out to your peeps! Love your freckle sister!