January 8, 2009

It's like a radio contest where you guess the theme and I give you a really lame gift certificate to the local hardware store

When I started that last post, you know the one where I rambled on and on about the only exciting things going on here (i.e. MOVING and deployment), I hadn't actually planned on writing anything. I've been bored today and so I was going through my pictures looking for some interesting ones to share, and I found some and opened a new post to start sharing when my fingers just got away from me and you got stuck with that long-winded explanation of my week. Sorry about that.

This picture was taken last summer at Raven Rock State Park. This hike was the most disgusting hike I've ever experienced. Even though it was late summer, supposedly cooler temperatures, it was still so humid that by the time we got back from the (mostly flat terrain) hike, I was sporting butt sweat soaked through that ended up being more like entire body sweat where the only dry spot on my clothing was where my shirt was folded over itself. I think I may have mentioned my sweating issues before, it is not pretty. Never fear, the picture below is not me all red-faced and dripping with sweat.

This picture was taken at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden. On yet another humid day with the added bonus of a sweaty thunder and lightening rain storm. SGT T and I did get to see our first cotton plant though, which was really pretty in bloom (not pictured, just a neat little aside, to me at least).

This last picture is from Smith Lake, here on post. We went out to explore last summer, maybe hoping for a nice cool place to dip in the water. There was no dipping, by us at least, but it was pretty nice. We got there right as the swimming area was opening up, so there were hardly any people out. Then we went for a "hike" and I got ridiculously sweaty, again.

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I hate humidity...