January 21, 2009

LOST starts Today!

You know how I said that I don't have much going on to write about? It's not entirely true, but I still seem to be doing an incredible amount of couch sitting and ass widening. When I was in grad school I struggled with recognizing my strengths and weaknesses in the real world, and well, perhaps now I'm just embracing my strengths and sticking to what I'm good at!

As you saw yesterday, we got a little snow yesterday. Based on the amount of snow I had to push off the car, I'd say we got about 5 inches total.

Today is sunny and gorgeous, the snow is melting which is a bummer, but I enjoyed it while it was here. It was a little strange that SGT T didn't have to work due to the weather, and that supposedly the base was closed, again, due to weather. However, we decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and were grateful for the extra day together.

Which, turns out, was a good thing because SGT T just called to let me know they found out they are leaving on Monday. Fun how reality hits a little more forcefully when you have an actual date for things to happen.


Felicia said...

I'm so excited for Lost!!! Wow, I didn't know you guys got so much snow!

Scenic Pit Stops said...

Felicia: The torture I am experiencing right this very minute is excruciating! SGT T isn't caught up on LOST, so I am sitting here watching some Science channel show whilst my DVR does it's job. TORTURE I tell you! And yeah, who knew it snowed outside of the mountains here?!

Anonymous said...

The snow is sooo pretty! I really enjoyed the snow when we went to Boise.....as for Lost....I am completely lost since I don't really watch much TV.